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Does your boyfriend have 5 mental illnesses?

Does your boyfriend have 5 mental illnesses?

First, logical mistakes such as men usually appear as Lenovo and suspicious.

He generally values love, but has a narrow understanding and is very sensitive to the actions of lovers.

Once his girlfriend does something he doesn’t understand or is unhappy with, he will “think about it” and find the evidence that you don’t agree with him.

  Second, the absolute self-psychology is the only unbreakable condition for a man to consider whether the lover he is looking for is beneficial to his “future”.

He asked his girlfriend to show the “advantage” from time to time and bring him some benefits.

Once his expectations are not met or not reached, he will get angry and even feel that you are losing to him.

  Third, non-emotional immigration is a man evaluation. When treating his girlfriend, he has no sympathy and does not place himself in a position to evaluate and understand.

Especially when the girlfriend is in a situation that requires affection (emotional blog, affection), she flinches or ignores.

He can only rejoice with you and not with you.

  Fourth, the wrong contrast mentality This man often separates his strengths from his girlfriend’s weaknesses, or his girlfriend’s weaknesses and the strengths of others.

When this kind of man begins to associate with you, he can quickly discover your advantages and appreciate it very much, and your relationship will heat up.

But if he finds that the advantage in you is so inconspicuous, he will be indifferent to you, and this indifference often makes you elusive or even a temptation, making you more mysterious.

  Fifth, adapt to the mentality of this kind of men generally like fashion, feel sharp, but lack of autonomy and self-confidence, individual consciousness is subject to external trends, especially like trendy women.

He has outstanding appearance, hairstyles, clothing and other appearance images, and is very happy to invest in his girlfriend in this regard.

However, once you fail to adapt to his “aesthetic” requirements, he will suffocate.

  When you find that your boyfriend has any of these mentalities, don’t take it lightly.

Of course, strictly speaking, any man will more or less have one or more of these mentalities.

There is no need to panic, and there is no need to “broken off” as soon as you find it, so that you will always find a good partner.

How to master this “degree” lies in the fact that you really love him and do not prevent you from talking openly with your concerns and let him realize the danger of this hidden danger.