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Three most addictive things

Three most addictive things

On November 8, 2008, China’s first “Internet Addiction Diagnostic Criteria” passed expert demonstrations, and game addiction was officially replaced with a mental illness diagnostic sample.

It has also become the first country in the world to issue diagnostic criteria for Internet addiction.

  If you want to talk about the various manifestations of addiction, I am afraid that it is far from Internet addiction. Internet addiction must dig into a big void. This void is the absence of family care, the lack of communication and self-control.

In fact, in our lifetime, we will encounter a lot of “addictive shells” bombing, decomposition addiction, shopping addiction, alcohol addiction, work addiction, diet addiction, sexual addiction, etc., but why some people are “unfortunately infected””And difficult to cure?

What is more addictive, and there is an unknown reason behind it?

  Online game addiction ★★★★★ Although Internet addiction does not specifically refer to playing games, online games are bound to be more pronounced than online collection addiction and online chat dependence, with more serious consequences.

According to the Diagnostic Criteria for Internet Addiction, the severity can be impaired in daily and social functioning (such as in terms of social, learning or work ability).

No communication, no learning, no work, except for dominance in the virtual world of games, real-life conditions are often a mess.

  Communication Addiction ★★★★ Perhaps many friends have heard of communicative obsessive-compulsive disorder, which means that they will feel restless if they do not keep in touch with others. The symptoms are often as follows: once you are online, you greet your online good friends, and even go normallyNot so close; call a friend as soon as you stop, even if you just met a few days ago; often talk on the phone, even if you have nothing to say, you must hear each other’s voice; once a weekend, ask friends to have fun, oneOrders feel like they have been abandoned by the entire world.

People with communicative syndrome generally have a very obvious sense of insecurity. Once they lose contact with the outside world, do not send text messages, do not call, do not surf the Internet, do not chat, he will feel abnormally lonely, empty and even afraid.

  For friends of such people, it is common to be harassed and interrupted. Although they are full of opinions, considering the relationship is still reasonable, it is not convenient to turn their faces.

  Shopping addiction ★★★ The majority of people with shopping addiction are concentrated in women. Shopping to vent grievances or simply spend time is a major killer for women to relieve stress. However, once this behavior is not managed well, it is easy to become addicted.It’s too late to make ends meet.

Ms. Liang, who is doing clothing business on Yuanhu Road, has always loved shopping online.

Two years ago, when she was still on the road in Xinmin, she returned home from work every day. The first thing she did was to search the Internet for fashion clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, etc., and nothing else.

When his lover, Mr. Yang returned, he had to buy food and cook by himself.

After the rice is ready, Ms. Liang still refuses to turn off the computer for dinner, often holding a bowl of rice in front of the computer and eating while watching.

Because of her obsession with Taobao online, Ms. Liang simply quit her job last year.

There may not be too few women like Ms. Liang who are enthusiastic about online Taobao to such a degree. They often feel depressed and regret to wear clothes that are worn only once in the house, but in the face of love at first sight, they still cannot help but payThis is the true portrayal of shopaholics.