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Smart women should avoid taboo marriage

Smart women should avoid taboo marriage

The fate of a comic is to be read by a woman, torn, thrown, and forgotten, women in reality can also be, without attracting attention to the inner emotional world of men, if you want to talk, if you want to swear, you will be scolded.

  The following four sentences, as a woman, do you state in front of your lover?

  Look at others!

  Women in general reject men’s incompetence in some way. This accusation of incompetence may be both career and life, but often this sentence greatly hurts men’s self-esteem. Career is an important part of men’s lifeIn part, blind irony can insert men into despair.

  There are hundreds of millions of men in China. Each man’s career is different and his ability is different. Naturally, the rewards of society are very different. Since women choose, they should face reality and be content.

  As long as men do their best, we have no responsibility to blame them.

  As a man in politics, China’s officialdom is originally a pyramid, but men are still only in the center of the tower or even the bottom of the tower. After all, there are very few men. As a man in business, the market is like a battlefield.A gentleman loves money, and he knows how to make money. If he spends enough money, why bother to ask too much to make each other unhappy?

  For men who have failed in their careers, women’s comfort and encouragement are what they need most.

  Where have you been?

  If this sentence floats from the gentle mouth of a woman, it touches the man. He reflects the woman’s concern for the man, because what is hidden behind this sentence is: “I am all worried about death”, butIf the eyebrows are questioned, it will make men nauseous, because this sentence appears most frequently in the police’s interrogation.

  For example: “From what time are you doing?

“Wait, gradually determine if there is time for the crime.

  And some women often hold this attitude when asking questions. It seems that men do n’t appear in front of women for a moment, that is, they have outrageous behaviors outside.

  In fact, men should have their own living space. This space is free. After all, men have their own careers and communication circles. If you love him, you must believe him. If you believe that he must give him breathing space, double-blame can be more.There is a suspicion of spies, and there will be a gap between each other.

  Legally speaking, men are under no obligation to report to women.

  Some women may say that my one is not angry, and I ask him to answer honestly.

  This is not necessarily a good thing. If a man allows a woman, it does not mean that he is afraid of the woman. He either feels distressed or disdains. Even if he is really afraid of the woman, the man will completely lose his edge and become inhumanAdmired “wife control inflammation”, this point, women must not be proud!

  Blame your women for not being willing to admit their mistakes. The phrase “I am wrong” is often considered a man’s patent. Women are disdainful. Some women express themselves wrong by being coquettish, and using coquetry to prove themselvesReasonable losses can be universally welcomed, and certainly worthy of promotion.

  In my opinion, if a woman’s life does not say “I am wrong”, as a woman is a failure.

  Isaac came to win the sympathy of the man and forgive him. In the final analysis, he still didn’t really realize his mistake, only to make people suspect that it was the prelude to the next mistake.

  However, most women use the phrase “blame you” to make a poke. Women have no opinion on many things. They always like to ask men before making a small decision: “Is that so?

is this okay?

Once a man nods, he can do it with confidence and boldness. If he succeeds, he will be happy. Once he fails, he will put the responsibility on the man. The idea is from the man. The result should be the man.bear.

In fact, occasionally saying “I was wrong” will make a woman attractive again.

  Whose phone?

  If a man’s cell phone rings, a woman will unconsciously ask, “Who’s phone”. If a man is hesitant, he will be immediately questioned further, and the normal phone call will be charged with an unnecessary charge.

  Some women have a hobby of looking at men’s mobile phones. Everyone who sees a call record of a stranger doesn’t forget to ask “who’s calling”. A patient man still has an explanation. Interrogation may lead to conflicts.

  Mobile phones are men’s treasures. It’s true. As a woman, you might as well leave a little bit to men. Keeping a little mystery is not unhelpful to love and marriage.

  I used to like my husband ‘s cell phone phone book. Whenever I see the name of a stranger girl, I always ask and understand, for example: What is she doing?

Where did you meet?

What relationship and so on.

  It wasn’t until one day that I found out that there wasn’t a girl’s name on her husband’s mobile phone. When he was wondering, he told the truth. It turned out that he changed all girls’ names to homophonic, like “Li” to “Li”, “Fang”I changed it to “room”, and then I realized that this was a silent resistance to my overbearing. Only then did I correct this problem.

  Mutual respect between two people is the basis for maintaining a good love and marriage. This kind of thinking must not only be in the heart, but also be expressed in language. It is believed to be trust. It seems that you want to hold a fine sand.Missing in the seam, gently lifting it to make it full.