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Coming with the baby

Coming with the baby

The mud was soft and hard on our hands.

Once you are familiar with it, it will be soft, and you can do whatever you like; if you are unfamiliar with it, it is a sticky, hard thing.

Pass the temperature on your hand to it, the closer you get to it, the more it listens to you.

  Playing with mud seems to be a long time ago.

Now, let ‘s go with the children to Hu Xiaopei’s art class and have a fun clay sculpture class.

  We were all made of clay. I heard that clay clay lessons are needed, and the children’s reactions were different.

Curious people are already eager to try, but the clean-hearted guy turned his face to his mother: “Mom, it’s too dirty!

“Resolutely refuse to get started.

How to do?

  It’s okay, look at Teacher Xiaopei: “Children, can you tell us where people come from?

“” My mother said I was a fish.

“Inspiration:” Children who have heard the story of son-in-law?

“Someone raised his hand.

So, the children heard the story of “son-in-law making up the sky and making people out of mud”.

Then ask, how did God make man?

Children know the story of God making man out of mud.

  Well, since mud is the origin of our life, what reason do we not have to be close to him?

After listening to the interesting stories, the children started to play.

  Then tell them how they started to play: it’s simple, just like playing snowballs, and slamming on the table!

  The mud has feelings too. Mud is almost falling.

The children are well-known for the ingenious wooden tools: “Teacher, how is this used?

“Don’t worry, Teacher Xiaopei didn’t declare that children use tools at first. She said that the hand is the best tool.


Teacher Xiaopei did not explain first, but inspired: “When it’s cold, our little hands are cold.

Mom’s hand is very warm. Mom holds your hand, do you feel comfortable, your little hand will warm up in a while?


  Our hands are warm, soft, and powerful, while wood has no temperature and is hard. Of course, mud prefers our little hands.

Teacher Xiaopei let the children let go of their hands and found the hand and the mud feel close.

She said: The closer the mud gets to your hand, the more you will listen to you, otherwise it will be cold and unemotional.

  How to get close, it is still very simple: to pass the temperature of our hands to it, it is warm and soft, you want to pinch it into something.

  What does pinch look like? What can children do?

It does not matter, the teacher does not require all children to use a standard, as long as he is doing, no matter what style, the teacher will give affirmation.

  If you can’t pinch it out, make it into a club?

That’s fine.

Children will define this so-called work: What are you pinching?


In the first class, half of the children were pinching snakes.
The second class, the imagination of “home”.

The homes made by children are really all kinds of people’s homes and ant homes.

There are spires and flat ones.

Look at the child’s home: “I’m a house of authentic warfare. People can climb out of the chimney!”

“The house is ready, and Mr. Xiao Pei asked the children to find some small grass sticks outside the house to decorate the house. This is even richer: this is the woods next to my house, and this curved grass is my door!

  The children’s home is ready, and the teacher’s question comes again: “Yeah, your home is so far away that you can’t play in other people’s homes. What should I do?

“Build a road!

The children were excited: “Come to my house. Our house has a yard and a swing in it.

“” Our family has it too, and we still grow vegetables. ”

“Interestingly, there is always a child’s house with the most roads and the most popular.

Once, a child made a kindergarten, so everyone repaired the road to him!

  Not every child can make a decent house. No, a child is still just rubbing strips, piled up horizontally and vertically, and looking at other people’s works, he has a little substitute.

The teacher asked the children: “Looks like this is not like a bird’s house?


“His eyes lit up.

Then ask: “Is there any food in that house?

“Other kids pointed to these bars:” Yes, noodles! ”

The child added a word of sunshine, “It’s spaghetti!”

“After observing the children’s lessons, we interviewed Teacher Hu Xiaopei: Is playing with mud a must for children when they grow up?

  Hu Xiaopei: When children are about to leave the period of painting and graffiti, they will pursue one type of thing. They have to know things through their eyes, ears and hands.

Therefore, exposure to clay sculptures during this time will help children make multi-dimensional things through observation.

  What are the similarities between playing mud and painting?

  Hu Xiaopei: Playing with clay and painting are both artistic creations.

When making clay sculptures, paintings must be transmitted to the hands through the brain, and then to the pens and mud through the power of the hands.

This is a process of imagination and creation. I have imagination in my mind, and then complete it with the operation of mud and pen by hand.

  How old is it for children to get in touch with mud?

  Hu Xiaopei: After the child is 4 years old, he should be exposed to mud. Whether it is clay for sculpture or clay, its hardness and plasticity are stronger than plasticine. It needs a certain finger strength. It is good to play hand muscle development.Can strengthen finger strength and supplement.

  The meaning of children bringing clay sculptures In the eyes of children, his work is full of emotions, and it will translate into a beautiful story and yearning: Story 1: This small house lived when I was just born, my mother put meSleep inside.

Now that I am older, I am over 3 years old, and I ca n’t live in such a small house.

I use this sofa now, so make it bigger.

  Story 2: This is the story of the mermaid and prince I compiled.

It was the prince who sat on the sailboat. In the end, the mermaid did not die. The prince took the boat to pick up the mermaid, and then they got married.

  Story 3: This small pavilion is not in the community, it is on the side of the road.

Sometimes I walk with my mother, tired, and have nowhere to sit.

I made this little pavilion and put it on the side of the road so that my mother and I were tired and had a place to sit.

  Story 4: The window of the informal stick is a window specially used to dry clothes.

There is no place to dry clothes in our house, they are always in the toilet.

So I made a building to dry clothes.