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Flower tea meditation suitable for office workers

Flower tea meditation suitable for office workers

Flower meditation suitable for office workers.

I think this is something that many friends who want to be in the team are paying close attention to.

Flower tea meditation is a relatively easy and effective method of meditation, which is very suitable for office workers.

  The role of flower meditation: soothes emotions, releases stress, improves mood, eliminates irritability, and improves work efficiency.

  Flower tea meditation props: a cup of flower tea.

  Steps of scented tea meditation: 1. Concentrate on preparing a cup of scented tea for yourself. You can use roses, chrysanthemums, lavender, etc. You can also go to the supermarket to buy beautifully packed packages, with a variety of scented tea bags.Blooming in the cup is a treat in itself.

  2. Eyes are slightly closed. When the aroma of scented tea lingers in the nose, breathe evenly and start meditation.

  3. Try to imagine beautiful and gentle stranger pictures: for example, beautiful gorgeous sunrises, waves on the sea, white snowflakes falling gently, etc . Pay special attention not to think about people or things related to yourself, try to giveCreate a relaxed and beautiful situation yourself.

  4, generally keep for 5-10 minutes, or feel the mood is gentle, there is an inherent joy.

  The suitable time for flower tea meditation: between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm, office workers are at the lowest standard of physical excitement due to the intense activities of the day, and are prone to fatigue, irritability and other emotions.

  2. Uneasy and restless.

  3, during working gaps.

  It is recommended to use flower tea meditation as a necessary time every afternoon, especially for women, the calmness and joy of the mood can produce happiness, and can be reflected in external appearance, why not do it!