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Bottom line test of love principles

Bottom line test of love principles

When you drink a bottle of beer in a small restaurant alone, you feel very good, then what kind of snacks would you order next?

  A, Lo-mei platter B, Peanuts and other nut platter C, Popcorn D, Spicy roasted chicken wings. Analysis of results: A friend who chooses A will think that the other half of you must not take away your party time with friends.

Your type of person can make friends and lover see equally important. You will spend a lot of time with your lover, but also hope that the other half can give yourself time to meet with friends, it is best not to obstruct it.

  Choose B’s friend and you will be a super self.

Everything should be based on your opinions. I feel that two people communicate with each other. It is boring to have a personal compromise in the end. As long as you listen to everything, you are right. If the other half does not cooperate, you willTurn your face immediately.

  Choose C’s friend, you will be the slave of love supreme love, and the other half is the center of the world in your eyes. As long as you can be with your partner, there is nothing to insist on.

People of your type will feel that there are no big things in the world of the two, as long as they listen to each other in everything, it is not enough to hurt feelings in order to stick to some small things.

  The friend who chooses D will be your workaholic. You will never delay work because of the private affairs of your children. People of this type are very public and private. In private, no matter what your other half asks, you will try your best.Cooperate with obedience, but you are very dedicated during working hours, and you can’t tolerate the other half of boredom.