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Test you still in your old lover’s heart

Test you still in your old lover’s heart

Suppose you are a farmer. Today, the next king suddenly came to you and said, “My chicken is gone.” Your first thought was in which direction the chicken went: 1. Go to the west swamp 2. Go toThe small garden in the south went to 3, jumped to the pool in the north to 4, and went to the mountains in the northeast to test the results: 1, the other party did not have a clear statement, but you have a hatred for him, do not want to meet againDon’t want to be involved.

  2. The other party is still thinking about you all the time, and the complex mood is constantly being chaotic. Maybe after a while, I will turn to you.

  3, the other side has faded this relationship, there is no so-called miss, but you still miss the old feelings of the past, alone and sad.

  4. The other party still has resentment and forgiveness towards you, and doesn’t want to contact you, let alone recombine.