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Sanyang stomach common sense

Sanyang stomach common sense

Our stomach is working every day. For modern people, getting stomach problems seems to be a rare thing, but whether you are already worried about stomach pain, or you have no stomach problems, you are not awake.In the state of binge eating, you must be aware of the importance of raising your stomach.
銆€銆€Yogurt to raise stomach “I used to be able to climb in the morning before, how can I have time to eat!”
“Get up at 5:30, go to work at 8:30.
Xiaoman’s previous life seems to have never had the concept of 鈥渂reakfast鈥?
However, one night three years ago, because of excessive drinking, Xiaoman had a stomachache in the middle of the night, had to dial 120, and the ambulance sent her to the hospital.
In fact, before that, Xiaoman’s stomach was a little painful, but he only took some medicine when he was in pain. The habit of not eating breakfast has not changed.
Until the ambulance was sent to the hospital, Xiaoman used the word “powerful” for his stomach.
銆€銆€鈥淎 friend told me to drink yogurt in the morning. In the past two years, I have been insisting on drinking a bottle of yogurt in the morning. The symptoms of stomach problems have improved significantly.
But I just don’t understand why this kind of small yogurt has such a big effect.
Expert comment: Drinking yogurt in the morning is good for the human body. Yogurt is easy to digest, and it can neutralize the attack factor stomach acid and protect the gastric mucosa.
Milk can also raise the stomach. People who have stomach ulcers can drink milk to relieve symptoms.
銆€銆€Boiled water to nourish the stomach “Remember that when I was in elementary school, my stomach often hurt very badly.
But still often do not eat breakfast.
Jingjing said that she had never gone to the hospital for a gastroscopy because she was afraid of pain.
Later, when I was in college, I often forgot to eat because I often wrote for the night.
“At the time, several girls in our dormitory had lived in the hospital because of gastritis,” Jingjing said. “But since the habit of drinking a large cup of boiled water on an empty stomach before breakfast every day, the number of stomachaches has become less and less.
Jingjing often thinks, is it that white water can raise stomach?
銆€銆€Expert comment: There is no nutrients in the boiled water. It is only after one night that the human body consumes some water, which can be used to supplement and balance the body’s water. The boiled water itself has no effect on nourishing the stomach.
銆€銆€Porridge nourish the stomach “I used to have no stomach disease, but since the sale, the stomach disease has followed.
I also entered the hospital because of stomach bleeding.
“Li Jie has been selling for 3 years, and his performance has been rising, but his body has gone from bad to worse.
鈥淭he doctor reminded me that I must have a good breakfast. Just at the door of our company, I opened a porridge shop. So I went to the company half an hour earlier every morning, and then I went to drink a bowl of porridge.
Even if I have a frequent business trip, I will definitely drink 1 bowl of porridge in the morning.
“Drinking porridge has become one of Li Jie’s living habits. In his words, it is just like washing your face and brushing your teeth.”
“I have been insisting on this for a year. Although it was troublesome at first, it became a habit over time.
What surprised me the most was that my stomach was almost never committed again this year.
Expert comment: porridge is easy to digest, especially eight-treasure porridge, which contains peanuts, almonds, sugar, etc., the calories are higher and richer, which is good for the stomach.
Fresh peanuts are rich in protein and fat and can effectively protect the stomach.