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[How to fry watermelon rind is delicious]_How to fry_How to fry

[How to fry watermelon rind is delicious]_How to fry_How to fry

There is no doubt that watermelon is the hot and clear summer heat, the essential product for quenching thirst, and it can be the best fruit in summer.

The flesh is tender, sweet and delicious, and is loved by many people.

Under normal circumstances, we will throw away the watermelon peel after eating watermelon. In fact, watermelon peel also has many functions, such as: as a cooking ingredient.

Xiao noodles with Xiaobian to learn the practice of watermelon peel.

Method of making peppercorn and watermelon peel: 1. Scrape the red pimple of watermelon peel with a spoon, rinse with water, and peel off the green clothes with a peeler; 2. Tilt the knife at a 30-degree angle to make the watermelon peel wider.If you want a wide slice, cut it upright with a knife; cut the watermelon slices into thin slices; 3, clean the bell pepper strips; remove the stalks and cut the seeds into thick strips. If you don’t mind the image, the seeds can be removed, andStir-fried with peppercorns has a more flavor of peppercorns. 4. Pour fat into the wok. After the oil is warm, pour in the peppercorns and fry a few times. After the peppercorns are evenly heated, pour the watermelon slices into the pan.Stir-fry over high heat; add salt according to taste; stir-fry evenly, out of the pan.

Precautions Soy sauce can be increased according to taste requirements. Personally know that the watermelon rind after adding soy sauce has the taste of braised winter melon. The watermelon rind has a high sugar content, so the taste will be slightly sour after frying. You can add some spicy ones appropriately.Enrich the flavor of the watermelon rind in the Qing dynasty: 1. Use a spoon to dig out the excess red soil with a spoon, turn the watermelon rind upside down, and use a skin scraper to scrape the green coat of the watermelon rind!

The green clothes removed in this way are clean, and the remaining watermelon peels are neatly neat. 2. The watermelon peels are cut into spares. 3. The black fungus foams and is washed and shredded.

Shred the carrots, leave the parsley leaves for other purposes, leave only the parsley stalks cut in section 4, put the oil in the pot to heat, and then add the garlic and sauté in the pot. First, fry the carrots and fry them, and then add the fungus.Stir-fry, add the watermelon rind and stir-fry, add some chicken juice, season with an appropriate amount of salt 6, add a few drops of sesame oil, turn off the heat, and finally put the coriander stalks out of the pot to make the crispy watermelon peel pickles method: 1,First treat the watermelon rind, shave the red pimple and the green skin outside, and keep only the light green part, cut into pieces of appropriate size for later use.

After cutting into filaments, add 2 tablespoons of salt, mix well, attach plastic wrap and pickle in the refrigerator.