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When you meet the wet dryness two days, the seasonal health depends on these two things!


5 Chinese medicine health parties

When you meet the “wet dryness” two days, the seasonal health depends on these two things!
5 Chinese medicine health parties

Out of the sky, the moisture is still very heavy, the moisture is blocked in the spleen and stomach, and it is easy to hurt.

At the same time, the weather is getting cold after the undulation, which is also the beginning of “autumn dryness”. Many people will feel dry when they get up in the morning, dry skin, dry cough and innocent.

One side is “wet” and “dry”, so that our health is “backed by the enemy”, a little careless, the body will have problems.

Send you 5 Chinese medicine early autumn health, both wet and dry, very simple and easy to do!

Is it damp and dry, is it contradictory?

The introduction of Chinese medicine, out of the stage of the fall into the fall, itself is the time of wet and dry alternating, is the period of wet and dry transformation.

“Su Wen” has the saying “autumn hurts in wet, winter coughs”, meaning that the body is easily injured by “wet” in the fall.

But the autumn is dry, and why is it that “autumn hurts wet?”

The answer lies in the “Liu Xuan four medical cases”: “The wetness of the early autumn, this is from the summer, the original is righteous.

If it is dry, then after the fall, the gas is also a decree.

“It means that the “wet” of the early autumn is left in the summer, and there is no contradiction between the “dryness” of the autumn itself.

Therefore, after the fall and fall into the autumn is the time of conversion of moisture and dry sulfuric acid, the human body is susceptible to wet evil and dry evil invasion.

Dry and easy to hurt the lungs, wet injury to the spleen and stomach, at this time, some people are sick mostly “lung dry stomach wet”.


绁?: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :The method of “out of the ambush” is very simple, that is, attaching the plaque to the navel.

Prepare 10 g of powder, apply it to the navel with warm water, and cover with a sterile gauze.

Generally, it is changed once every 12 hours, and it can be applied 4 times in a row.

Not only has a good swelling, the role of moisture, but also spleen and stomach.

Making the glutinous rice into a “out of the volt” is beneficial to the role of moisture oozing, helping you to remove moisture.

In addition, if there is no time, you can use the soaking water to drink tea, it will have a certain effect.

02, Musk “bubble foot” can also be used to soak the feet with fragrant Jianshui, this method is a good way to get rid of moisture and dissolve heat.

Take 30?
Add 50 grams of musk to 2 liters of water, simmer for about 40 minutes on a large fire, then fry over low heat until 1 liter of liquid is left, remove the juice and add 2 liters of water to 1 liter.

Place two portions of the medicinal juice in the basin, soak the feet, and the liquid is reset to the extent of the blistering, and the foot massage is performed simultaneously during the immersion process.

The fragrance has a solution to remove the body moisture and stimulate the spleen and stomach.

Bathing your feet every day helps to remove moisture and promote sleep.

03, acupoints dampness: Yinlingquan points moisture through the spleen, dampness to start from the spleen and spleen.

Yinling Spring is the joint point of the spleen, and it is also the point of phlegm and dampness.

The hole is located in the fracture of the lower leg of the human body, and the bone in the lower part of the knee is in the depression of the bone.

Sitting or lying on the back, each time the left and right leg points are massaged 60 times, each morning and evening massage can be used once, and the acupoints feel soreness is moderate, which can help to get rid of the body’s moisture.

Second, anti-dry: 2 diet treatments to relieve the autumn dry Chinese medicine has a “dry main autumn” statement, after the fall, many people have different degrees of dry skin, dry throat, dry nose, dry cough, less trouble, upset, constipation, etc., may wish to adjust through diet.

To deal with “autumn dryness”, you should always eat some foods that are hot, raw, and nourishing, such as white radish, lily, pear, honey, bamboo cane, horseshoe, etc., try to eat less fried, barbecue food.

Also recommend 2 therapeutic side for everyone to ease the autumn dry!

01, autumn radish is better than good medicine in autumn, the human body is prone to cough, pressurization, stomach discomfort, dizziness, chest tightness, palpitations and other symptoms, white radish has the effect of clearing away heat and phlegm, raw food can quench thirst, clear heat; cooked food can eliminate spleen.

In the autumn, there are many colds and colds. After the infection is cold, you should eat some food that is hot.

The onion, ginger and white radish slices are cooked together, which has the effect of dispelling cold and relieving cough, and can prevent colds.
02, Qiuqiu most mature lotus roots sweet, warm, non-toxic, can make up the heart and blood, spleen appetizer, lotus root soup urination, heat and lungs.
In autumn and winter, everyone loves to drink lotus root beef bone soup, which is a nourishing beauty soup.

It is best to wait until the bovine bones are cooked until the five matures, so that the cooked oysters are soft to eat.

Need to be reminded that when cooking, it is best not to use a wok, otherwise it will turn black.

The dishes look unattractive and the nutrition is compromised.

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