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Three methods to self-test whether they are hair loss


Three methods to self-test whether they are hair loss

Some people say that the lines and hair loss are the standard for middle-aged friends.

It is really sad to see the change here.

This is to say that those who are hair loss at a young age may be the problem of writing a homework when they are young, and they will not be able to ask for their own hair. Some of their friends will be born with a small amount of natural hair, but they will lose their hair in the autumn and winter.In fact, it is normal to drop some hair every day. It is not a matter of catching a big one. You don’t have to worry about a lot of things. Don’t worry too much. Let’s take a look at whether you have stepped into the release column. How to self-test whether to lose hair?This method of testing is very simple. Open the five fingers, insert it into the root of the hair, hold the palm of your hand against the top of the head, and then hold the fingers together to pinch the hair. The clip should not be too loose.

Then gently pull the hair out, 6-8 times, if the hair clipped in the finger sew has more than three or four, it is likely to have hair loss!

2, the hair loss statistics from a certain moment, continuously collect the daily hair shampooed hair, collect the fallen hair on the pillow and clothes, after collecting the hair falling for one week, the total number of statistics is divided by the number of days,Calculate the average number of hair loss per day. Once it is below 80, it is normal. More than 80% may be a hair loss symptom!

3, observe the hair roots under normal circumstances, separate healthy hair follicles can grow 3 to 4 hair, the normal hair loss is caused by the hair follicle rest period, so the same hair follicle hair will be replaced together.

Hair loss is a hair follicle’s ability to produce hair loss, and hair loss is also a thin rope. Therefore, hair loss will occur with only one or two hairs in separate hair follicles. It can also be judged by observing the number of hairs growing in the hair follicles at the hair roots.

(Forehead hair line hair is special, mostly single root, here mainly observe the hair root at the top of the head!

The most difficult to treat of certain types of hair loss, hair follic inflammation caused by folliculitis is a common purulent skin disease that we often see.

Folliculitis is a small red papule at first, and then rapidly develops into a red purulent red envelope. The recurrence is very strong, the cure may be small, and it is most likely to occur in the head, and a large amount of hair loss begins at the site where it occurs.

Folliculitis is a disease on the surface of the skin. The cause is that the bacteria invade the hair follicle, causing the destruction of the cell tissue structure at the root of the hair follicle. The hair follicle tissue has reduced or lost hair growth ability. After the hair is shed, the hair follicle has been destroyed and the hair growth ability is lost.It is difficult to grow hair and cause permanent hair loss!

This type is more common!

Second, the hair loss caused by protease infection is very susceptible to crushing infection. The most direct phenomenon is that we often have problems such as handcuffs, ankles, body lice, head lice, etc. These are caused by infection, among them, yellow鐧? 榛掔櫍, purulent can cause irreversible damage to the hair follicle, causing the hair follicle to be destroyed, and will not grow hair again!

Third, cracks and alopecia are like hair loss caused by diseases such as discoid lupus erythematosus and deformed fractures. Because hair follicles are destroyed, it is difficult to grow hair, which is generally a type of permanent hair loss!

Fourth, hair loss caused by central nervous system diseases, hypothalamic nerve dry colloid nodules, hypothalamic glioma, middle brain encephalitis and other diseases caused by nervous system diseases are irreversible permanentness in the event of hair lossHair loss type!
Fifth, scarring hair loss due to external force, physical cracks appear in the hair growth site, this incision directly destroys the hair follicle, thus losing the ability to germinate, the hair will never grow.

Such as scalp burns, traumatic wounds and other hair loss are the reason!

These five types of hair loss, no matter what kind of medicine, no matter how careful maintenance, it is difficult to achieve the hair growth effect.

Hair growth requires hair follicles, hair follicles are equivalent to the roots of large trees, roots are necrotic, and large trees will never resurrect. Similarly, hair follicles are necrotic, and hair is never difficult to grow!

So pray that everyone should not meet!

If you encounter it, you don’t have to worry about it. Although you can’t let it grow, if you can, you can try to improve it!

Transplant the hair follicles of other parts of the hair that can grow normally into the area of hair loss, and use the hair follicles that are “borrowed” to let the area grow new hair!

This is also the only feasible and effective way at the moment!

How to prevent hair loss 1 , adjust the mentality Most of the hair loss is caused by the sebaceous glands secreting oil or more, leading to hair follicle rupture, this phenomenon is mainly from mental stress, need to adjust the mentality in time, maintain a good mood.

2, drugs control baldness does not mean unhealthy, such patients may be due to excessive secretion of androgen, too much androgen can cause seborrheic alopecia, using ordinary methods can not change this phenomenonIt can be controlled with some drugs.

3, blood circulation to maintain a good blood circulation of the scalp can effectively ensure the health of the hair, you can massage the head to improve the blood circulation efficiency of the scalp, the hair can get enough nutrients, the hair will be healthier.

4, control of a lot of hair loss hair loss is due to the secretion of fat on the top of the head, it is easy to lead to a copy of the hair follicle, resulting in hair nutrition can not supply, it forms alopecia, in normal life we need to control the intake of oil,Not too much.

5, pay attention to the hat, the ventilation of the helmet in order to be able to avoid serious damage to the hair, then we must go out in the winter, bring a good hat.

This can greatly reduce the wind’s stimulation of the hair.

6, scientific combing method insists on combing hair every day, in fact, this is a very good habit, and for lazy women, it is necessary to wash your hair frequently, this is not only a clean performance, it is also to prevent hair lossThe important reason!

When washing your hair, we must adjust the water temperature, which should be around 40 degrees.

When you wash your hair, you need to massage while rubbing, which can keep the scalp clean, but also promote blood circulation of the scalp and accelerate hair growth!

7, pay attention to reasonable diet to prevent hair loss, then you must choose good food!

Stick to eating more grains, vegetables, and fruit foods. For carnivores, you still need to increase the amount of food!

Hair loss should eat more protein and calcium, iron, sulfur and other trace elements of food, such as: black beans, black sesame seeds, eggs and other foods are very good choices!

Prevention of hair loss to eat what, liver and kidney yin deficiency short hair into a piece, progressive aggravation, dry hair, often accompanied by dizziness, insomnia, five upset hot, sweating while sleeping, waist and knees and so on.

Women may have irregular menstruation, while men are accompanied by nocturnal emission. The principle of diet is to nourish liver and kidney, nourish blood.

Recommended food: black sesame, black beans, walnuts, longan meat, chestnuts, black dates, leeks, mulberry, lamb and so on.Second, the blood and blood deficiency of the hair is sparse, accompanied by pale complexion, Shenpi fatigue, dizziness, palpitations, insomnia, pale tongue, white fur, weak pulse.

The principle of diet therapy is to replenish qi and nourish blood.

Recommended food: honey, jujube, yam, brown sugar, chicken, pig blood, eggs, milk, potatoes, grapes, carrots, etc.

Third, the spleen deficiency wet performance is characterized by sticky oil on the head, shiny hair, scalp itching, accompanied by loss of appetite, abdominal distension, diarrhea, red tongue, thick greasy moss.

The principle of diet is spleen dehumidification.

Recommended food: mung beans, lentils, loofah, coix seed, winter melon.

Remember not to overeat cold, greasy foods, so as not to help the spleen.

Old Chinese medicine[walnut sesame black bean powder]Chinese medicine believes that hair loss and white hair are symptoms of kidney deficiency, black food is beneficial to kidney and Qi.

Selected black rice, black beans, walnuts, black sesame and other healthy ingredients are raw materials, no additives.

Through scientific matching, after 9 grinding technology, the entrance is smooth, delicate and delicious, and it is delicious. It is a breakfast cereal for the whole family.

Grain nourishment begins with the “head.”

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