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I regret too much. Every night at 9-11, I am self-mutilating my body. No wonder I am sick.


I regret too much. Every night at 9-11, I am self-mutilating my body. No wonder I am sick.

The ancients divided the day into 12 hours, and 2 hours as an hour.

Chinese medicine believes that health should be maintained according to the hour, when the three Jiao Jiao Wang in the sea, 9-11 in the evening is the time of the sea, is the most healthy time.

Sanjiao is the biggest cockroach in our body, with the effect of presiding over the air and passing the waterway.

At the time of the sea, the three cokes pass through the veins, and if they don’t, they will get sick.

Sleeping at the time of the sea, Baimai can recuperate and keep the three-joule operation, which is very beneficial to the body.

This time period is the best time for us to be tired and tired for a day, the body enters the standby time, the body adjusts itself and repairs.

However, too many people, at this time of 9-11 at night, are doing some self-harming things, missed this perfect health time.

See if you are doing these things that are physically damaging?

1, eat late at night, leading to obesity.

Healthy eating style: regular meals for three meals a day, seven minutes for dinner.

Eat night and night damage instead of stomach damage, and eating up late, will lead to obesity, serious leadership problems, the source of chronic problems.

2, playing mobile phones, speeding up aging playing mobile phones before going to bed is a bad habit of many people, playing mobile phones before going to bed is the first killer that affects sleep.

Looking at the phone before going to bed, the more you look at the more excited, the more you can’t sleep, affecting sleep.

Sleeping is the best skin care pin, playing with mobile phones, affecting sleep, this will speed up the body’s aging, and even the aging of the face, more serious is the aging of various organs of the body.

3, do a exercise, let the brain excited this time period, the body has to rest, do some exercise, let the body in an excited state, this is to go in the opposite direction of health.

In the long run, it is harmless to the body.

4, always remember the work, affecting sleep, many people can not separate life and work.

Even if I go home at night, I still remember my work, and my spirit will not relax.

Tension, stress makes you unable to rest and recover, and you can’t sleep normally.

In fact, life is just a few decades. Why don’t we treat ourselves well and let ourselves live a short and precious life?

Do the following 5 things to help you stay healthy.

1, moderate walk: promote sleep in the park or community, accompany the children, family walk for half an hour, which can promote sleep.

2, do deep breathing: prolonged life if you are excited before going to bed, you will not sleep, you can do deep exhalation at home before going to bed, can promote sleep.

3, bubble feet: Conducive to sleep feet is the second heart of the human body, a lot of points on the soles of the feet, with hot water bubble feet, both relieved, but also conducive to sleep 4, massage the foot: strong waist and kidney, Chinese medicine believes thatThe foot is the second heart of the human body, and it is the place where the human body is condensed. The massage has the effect of strengthening the kidney and strengthening the kidney.

5, fall asleep in time: recuperation recommended that you better sleep before 23:00, do not miss the best health opportunity.