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Professional dance for ballet dancers

Professional “dance” for ballet dancers

In classical ballet, girls usually wear black tights and pink tights.
Some schools like to let their girls wear socks and various colored tights.
Professional dance clothes designed by Wumei.
For dancers, the practice clothes are by no means just for beauty. Each of them has its practical effect. The most basic requirement is to have a protective effect.
Tights and tights are the most common basic training clothes for dancers in the practice room. The combination of cotton and lycra will at the same time maintain the comfort of wearing and sufficient elasticity.
The fluffy gauze and gorgeous silk satin appeared more on the stage.
  The cloud-like mist of tulle embodies the grace and elegance of ballet.
Lycra’s elasticity makes the overly light and transparent fabric have some drape, and the model wearing a layered tulle fashion dances like a butterfly when dancing in the wind.
  Hair styles are also part of dance costumes.
Many ballet dancing girls like to pull their half-length hair back in their heads, and sometimes add some small accessories, not only for good looks, but also because the lines on the neck and head are very clear and curvyIt also helps teachers to help correct movements.
  Ballet soft shoes are made of soft thin leather or canvas for girls and boys to practice before tiptoes.
Girls wear pink, boys wear black or white.
Shoes must be easy to cover the foot tightly.
Before practicing toes, ballet soft shoes made of soft thin leather or canvas are a must when practicing.
Toe dance shoes are used to support actresses standing and walking on tiptoes, running and jumping.
Toe dance shoes are made by adding cotton, rosin, or lightweight clogs to the toe portion of ordinary dance shoes, and stitching the toe with threads multiple times.
It is very helpful for improving and enriching women’s dance skills and expressiveness, as well as for the image creation of the fairy and elf of romantic ballet.
Generally available in pink, red and black, shoes should be tightly wrapped around the feet.
Toe covers are used when practicing toes.