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Legal quarrel day in our house

“Legal” quarrel day in our house

His wife is equal to 600 sparrows.
This definition stems from the theory of “Sino-foreign joint ventures”: Chinese people say that women love to be sloppy, and only speak in February the least in a year, because February has only 28 days; another foreign saying is “two women equal 1,000 sparrows”.
Probably foreign countries still do not produce “high-power products” of my wife, otherwise this proverb should be called “two women equal 1200 sparrows”.
  So many “sparrows” chatter endlessly in their ears, this is how men live!
  Over time, with the cultivation and practice of my wife, I had to develop professionally in the field of “sparrows”.
As a result, there were small quarrels every day, big quarrels were three or six, and it was a scene in our family. The quarrel made the word “divorce” light up many times. Seeing that a “Nestle” would end up being quarreled, the two people felt thatThe old love is still heavy and loving.
After all, they are all “cultural sparrows” with higher education.
In order to preserve this “Nestle”, we calmly thought about countermeasures and finally found a wonderful love recipe.
Upon my husband’s proposal, my wife raised her hand to agree, and a “family law” was grandly introduced: set a weekend for our family’s “arguing day”, stipulate that noisy weekdays will be closed, and only give the “sparrows” a chance on Saturday afternoon, leavingA self-retained land with its own personality, to achieve the purpose of venting and maintaining psychological balance.
  The first quarrel day finally came sacredly and solemnly.
After a nap, I pushed my sleeping wife to wake up: “Get up, it’s time to fight!
This joke opening remark cut the quarrel day.
His wife was annoyed by disturbing good dreams.
“Look, here’s the fire.
  The fire spread quickly, and the wife turned over and got up, and the quarrel was well-founded: “Last name Zeng, listen!
On Monday night, you violated the house rules for washing your dishes and shamelessly refused to wash the dishes!
On Tuesday, you do n’t report and do n’t pay the manuscript fee, keep your small vault privately, violate the family financial system, and commit the crime of cheating your wife!
On Thursday, you bought two packs of low-end cigarettes privately, in flagrant violation of my policy of “smoke less, smoke better” and commit serious liberalism!
And Saturday, just now, I was awakened by you before I could sleep enough to make my mood into an unpleasant state of quarreling in advance, cruelly injuring my physical and mental health . Your dead husband is not happy to bow his head and plead guilty!
In the state of quarrel, I did n’t have to prepare. I immediately found the quarrel feeling and calmly responded: “I should wash the dishes on Monday, but it means that I have three meals in the morning, middle and evening, and the extra meals at night are not within my responsibility.Reasons to protect my legal rights!
On Tuesday night, you dominated a TV channel for 3 hours. I was so angry that I wanted to smash the TV and couldn’t bear it!
On Friday, you turned black and white upside down, an article that slandered me like a slut’s foot wrap was smelly and long, hit my enthusiasm, and seriously hurt my pride . Your dead wife has not been thoroughly reviewed!
For a while, I scolded, and the flames of war in the room were fierce, tense and fierce.
  On the first quarrel day, both sides were very enjoyable. The quarrel was very successful, complete and brilliant, and they did not retreat until the two people were dry and hungry.
When the voice calmed down, the two turned out to be abnormal and cooperated to make dinner.
I said that after I vented, you would not be so hateful; my wife said she felt much more relaxed and happy after she scolded.
So both of them lamented that if there wasn’t such a concentrated space for venting, we would be angry every day, we would be accumulating resentment, and our feelings would not be able to pass away.