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Scanning for Mental Disorders of Broken Lovers!

Scanning for Mental Disorders of Broken Lovers!

Nowadays, most of the people who have broken out of love can gradually treat it properly, and some people who have broken out of love have lost control and abnormal psychological reactions, especially some young people.

The author analyzes the psychological performance of broken lovers, and there are three common psychological problems.

  The first is inferiority.

  Feeling ashamed and embarrassed, surrounded by low self-esteem, disheartened, and some people even embarrassed.

In fact, love affair is a normal phenomenon in love life, not a mistake.

Therefore, there is no problem of losing face.

Xiao Chen, who works at a bank, once said: “It has been three years since my girlfriend and I fell in love with each other, but recently they quarreled over some small things, and then my girlfriend proposed to break up.

I am complacent, how can I explain to relatives, friends, colleagues?

“The second is revenge.

  Some broken lovers lose their minds and produce revenge, which can lead to devastating endings.

Especially because one party is unethical and leads to a broken love, retaliation is more likely to occur.

In fact, if the other person’s personality is low, you should be glad to be apart, and you must not lower your personality in order to vent your anger.

The pony working in a hotel was broken by a third party involved.

He was unwilling to go to the doorstep of his girlfriend’s house every day, arguing that his girlfriend would not be happy.

  The third is a slim mentality.

  Some people regard love as paramount, and once they fall in love, their careers are ignored.

The broken-hearted Miss Shi said sadly: “The two of us plan to study English together at the university and then take the postgraduate exam together.

“Small, worried, not only does nothing to help, but may make you more sloppy on love.

  The pain of falling in love is understandable. To reduce mental pain and achieve psychological balance as soon as possible, the above-mentioned psychological obstacles must be overcome.

  First of all, calmly analyze the reasons for love.

A calm analysis of the reasons for a love affair can help distress.

First of all, to relieve the depression in time.

Human reason can overcome feelings, and lovers can use evacuation methods, that is, find relatives or close friends to talk about your troubles; you can also shake your pen; you can even close the door and cry for a while.Restore mental balance.

You can also use the transfer method to take the initiative to be in a happy and open environment.

Try again to put energy into your career, work, and study.

Many historical celebrities have experienced the pain of broken love, they can serve as a model to actively transfer the pain of broken love.

  Where there is no fragrant grass, Mo Chou has no confidant on his way.

While a door of happiness is closed to you, another door of happiness will open in front of you.