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Olympic champion Guo Jingjing’s detox recipe


Olympic champion Guo Jingjing’s detox recipe

Guo Jingjing is undoubtedly one of the female athletes who are most concerned about in this Olympic Games. From an aesthetic perspective, Guo Jingjing’s beauty is the beauty of sunshine and health, the beauty of vitality and balance, and the beauty of energy and gravity.

  To modern people, detoxification is a lot of beauty and health essential for contemporary women.

Exactly, Jingjing’s methods of exercise, diet, nutrition, psychology, and sleep all fit well with the principles of detoxification and physiological needs.

  Why do people often feel that their condition is not 100% good?

Why do you always seem to have insufficient energy consumption, always find pain here, discomfort there, or there are always complications from perfusion?

In fact, a big factor is the accumulation of toxins in the body.

For modern people, everyone who wants to have abundant platelets, light physiology and healthy skin needs detoxification.

  Is “Detox” really that important?

  The answer is yes.

The following figures may not be known: 1. Human metabolism can produce more than 400 kinds of metabolic waste.

  2. Each person has to excrete about 40 billion bacteria, viruses, parasite eggs, etc. Among them, 20% of the bacteria and pathogenic bacteria in the stool, if not discharged for 24 hours, can reproduce more than 2 trillion bacteria.

  3. Everyone may accumulate garbage in the body for 3-25 months.

  4. Toxins in the human body are only excreted by defecation, perspiration, etc., and the rest will accumulate in various organs, including blood, lymph, skin, and even every cell.

  Sources of toxins: 1. Chemicals: Every day we will be exposed to harmful chemicals, such as garbage on the street or spilled sewage, which will threaten our health.

If its own detoxification system cannot cope with toxins in the body, a large amount of harmful substances will accumulate in the body, at least feel uncomfortable, and may also cause diseases and threaten health.

  2. Autotoxins: Natural metabolic toxins are also produced in the human body. These substances are very small and can be excreted through feces, mucus, bile, urine, sweat and tears, and even from hair and stents.

  3. Environment: Many plants protect themselves or attack enemies by producing toxic substances.

In addition, air pollution is also one of the environmental toxins. This is one of the reasons why life is better and the body is getting more and more sick. Too much of the environment is damaged and a lot of toxins are produced, which endangers human health.

  Humans have natural detoxification capabilities and systems.

The digestive system, liver, skin, and kidneys all have important detoxifying functions.

Everyone’s detoxification ability is different. Some people have a better detoxification system than others. Young people have better detoxification than older people. Healthy people have better detoxification ability than frail people, but poor diet and exposure to toxic substances.Will offset these advantages.

  Humans originally have their own detoxification function, but when there are too many toxins and their ability to resolve is reduced, a large amount of toxins will accumulate.

  How do toxins affect health?

  The term “toxin” is used to describe a chemical substance that harmlessly converts (detoxifies) the body’s toxicity.

Some of these chemicals are caused by environmental pollution, and some are caused by poor diets that cannot provide the nutrients needed to effectively detoxify.

These toxins can affect people’s normal thinking ability; produce certain symptoms such as fatigue or headache; and produce emotional fluctuations such as anger, loss or feeling unfortunate, and hopeless.

  If you really need to detoxify your whole body skin, the lens recommends that you go to a beauty salon, there are many detox packages, and there are targeted local detox programs. It is worth recommending that everyone has different styles and forms of detoxification.

  Detox should choose the way that suits you.

You can start with a month or a short period of time, and explore and experience ways that can restore your spirit, light and healthy.

In general, you should pay attention to: First, one of the most commonly used methods to increase nutrition and detoxification is to reduce the amount of food and reduce the metabolism and pathways of toxins entering the body. Some people use fruit or fruit juice therapy. Milk is a very good nutrient.Milk contains a large amount of protein, calcium, amino acids and minerals necessary for the human body, it is more nourishing, and makes the skin white and shiny during the detoxification process.

  In addition, eating less and eating more is also a way to detoxify.

The process of eating less and eating more food can slow down the metabolism and keep the main organs such as heart, brain, lungs, liver and kidneys close to a young state.

  Second, drinking water to detox. Increasing drinking water is the most feasible way to detox.

Drink 6-8 glasses of water daily.

Drink more water during warm weather, sweating during exercise, or sweating for other reasons.

  Third, resist harmful substances, chemical compounds, canned food, etc., and also the absorption of refined sugar. Experts recommend that the daily definition of “non-inherent” sugar (including sugar in milk) should not exceed 60Grams or so.

Can be replaced with sugar, etc.

  Fourth, fruit and vegetable detoxification Fruits and vegetables are the best alkaline foods. It is the best and necessary way to eat enough fresh fruits and vegetables daily, adjust body fluids, and improve acidic “toxic” constitution.   Bitter Gourd-Bitter Gourd contains a protein that enhances immune cell activity and removes toxic substances from the body. It is the best food to help improve irritability.

  Green papaya-Green papaya can break down feces, reduce mast cells, promote metabolism, and excrete excess feces in time. It is a unique unfortunate detoxification and weight loss method.

  Apple-well deserved king of fruits, rich in vitamins and crude fiber can make stools softer and facilitate excretion, so apples have the dual role of antidiarrheal and laxative.

  Strawberry-Strawberry is not only delicious, but also medicinal.

Chinese medicine believes that it has the effect of removing fire, clearing heat, relieving fever, and removing annoyance.

  Watermelon-Watermelon is cool in nature, it won’t cause upset if you eat it, and it is rich in potassium salt, which can cause the body to have a large amount of potassium deficiency in the body.

  Soybeans-Soybeans nourish the yin and dispel the fire while replenishing a large amount of protein consumed by high temperatures.

  Tomatoes-Even though they are visible all year round, tomatoes are best in summer and most nutritious.

It can also clear heat and detoxify, and calm the liver.

  Fifth, brain detoxification This is a suitable brain detoxification method using meditation.

By using the way of inner imagination, by imagining that the heart beats slower, breathing is smoother, muscles are more relaxed, toxins are eliminated, and the body’s stress is overcome.

  6. Sports Detox Yoga-The top purification body detoxification exercise.

Can help blood circulation, lubricate joints, and carry out detox action; help the body to achieve harmony and unity, relax the body, clean the inside of the body, and restore vitality.

  Walking-the safest and gentlest aerobic detox exercise.

  Brisk walking-the simplest and most convenient detox exercise that lowers cholesterol and blood pressure.

  Climbing stairs-is a simple and convenient way to exercise in urban life.

  Swimming-Swimming is the best aerobic exercise.

The buoyancy of water can relieve 90% of the body’s body weight, release joint pressure, and stimulate lymphatic detoxification.

  Rope skipping-Rope skipping is a very flexible exercise method. From the amount of exercise, continuous skipping for 10 minutes is almost the same as jogging for 30 minutes or dancing for 20 minutes.

This is an aerobic detox exercise that takes less time and consumes more energy.

  Seven, skin detoxification This therapy is mostly used in beauty salons. The principle is to use the energy of plant aromatic essential oils, through the sense of smell, touch, feeling, hearing, taste, vision, consciousness, perception, intuition. 9 enter the body and give organ cellsThe energy needed to make cells vigor, smoothly perform various material transformations and functional operations, to achieve a method to improve health and retain beauty.

  Eight, sleep detox It is difficult to get to bed before 23 o’clock.

But professional doctors remind everyone that people are precisely the season when they need to be guaranteed to sleep before 23:00.

Because 23:00 to 1 am is the time for blood to return to the liver. If you do not sleep, it is equivalent to forcing the liver to continue to work, plus climatic factors. Therefore, “I feel sleepy and restless” is particularly obvious in summer.

  Nine, detoxification of the indoor environment The surrounding environment is not controlled by us personally. The indoor space of our own allows us to effectively and thoroughly purify our own indoor air and keep toxins away from us.