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Several fruits with lung-clearing function


Several fruits with lung-clearing function

Foods that clear the lungs, such as carrots, pears, fungus, soy milk, honey, etc.

Qingfei Pear: Keshengjin to quench thirst, clear heat and cough.

One method is to hollow out the inside and add chuanbei, rock sugar, honey and other cooking.

The second is to cut into pieces, put them in a bowl and steam them. It is best to put rock sugar in the bowl. After cooking, you can mix in honey.

Third, cut the skin into pieces, and make soup with papaya, candied dates, and pork bones.

Fourth, after the Tremella is foamed, put it in cold water with the pears to cook the soup. Depending on the taste, you can add wolfberry and jujube.

In addition, it can also be mashed into pear cakes, added with rock sugar, and eaten. It also clears heat and treats cough.

  Fruit is a food loved by people.

In addition to rich nutrition and delicious taste, some fruits also have certain therapeutic effects on diseases such as lung fever, cough, and sore throat.

  Carambola Carambola is mainly produced in South China in developing countries.

Fresh carambola has the functions of clearing heat, regenerating Jin, diuretic and detoxifying.

When suffering from wind-heat cough, toothache, and aphthous ulcers, taking a few carambola can get good results.

  Luo Han Guo Luo Han Guo is also called La Han Guo. It is a fake bitter gourd.

Use Luo Han Guo tea instead, it has the effect of clearing heat and swallowing throat, can treat pertussis, lung fever cough, sore throat, dry mouth, etc. It is an ideal health drink for actors and teachers.

  Figs can be processed into dried fruits, candied fruits, canned foods, etc. in addition to raw food.

Both dried and fresh figs are used as medicine.

When your throat is sore, taking a few pills will reduce the pain and recover quickly.

When your lungs are hot and your voice is hoarse, you can fry the figs with rock sugar water.

  Olive Olive has the functions of clearing the lungs, pharyngeal, promoting hydration, and detoxifying.

When you have a sore throat, you can take some green olives to refresh your throat.

The distilled liquid of olive is called olive dew, which can be used to treat sore throat, cough and irritability.

  枇杷 There are lung-moistening, thirst-quenching, and qi-lowing functions, which can treat cough, vomiting blood, and thirst.

Leaf is a commonly used Chinese medicinal material. After honey analysis, it has the functions of clearing the lungs and stomach and lowering the air and lowering air. It is commonly used to make tincture, tincture, tincture, etc., to treat lung heat and cough.