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6 suggestions to open the yoga mind

6 suggestions to open the yoga mind

The beauty of life lies in the joy and harmony that surrounds most of life.

Only a little emotion knows the positive joy. Everyone will inevitably have a moment of depression correction. Maybe a hug and a word of comfort from the people close to you can transfer the emotion.

The purpose of spiritual yoga is to teach you how to bravely come out of the shadows when you are alone and facing helplessness . Only a healthy mind can have a healthy body!

  The body is really wonderful. It can reflect your mental condition. For example, if your forehead is full of acne, it may be that you are currently experiencing strong pressure. Small wounds in your mouth may be warning you of your recent temper.

  Because the correspondence between human health and emotions comes from the change of the state of mind, learning to use joyful mental information, transforming the energy of the body, and replenishing the vitality of the body, can we have self-immunity against diseases and exclude things that are easy to be externalThe disturbed restlessness gradually guides himself to a state of tranquility and happiness.

  Modern people can’t be “busy and blind” because of changes in work and schoolwork, they start to lose sight of the purpose of life, and gradually live a life of “heart blindness”.

Each person is affected by different ideas, relationships, social values, etc. In the role of consciousness, once faced with a bad situation, it is easy to be dragged away by the situation, indulged in sadness or immersion, and can be extricated.

  In medical theory, when you lack self-confidence in yourself, you think in a pessimistic direction as soon as you encounter something. You cannot indulge in some sad situations, and the feeling of self-protection becomes more and more, as if people all over the worldSinging against you, please don’t be anxious at this time. This is the inner feeling of things and people, which has changed from oppression into the greatest psychological burden.

  No one is always brave enough not to cry when they fall. It is important to know how to stand up and heal yourself after tears fall. This is the most precious thing of a strong mind.

When you face low tide, when you face difficult emotions, tell yourself some ideas!

  Learn to listen calmly and be your own master. If you have been feeling depressed, paralyzed, and pessimistic for a long time, and want to stay away from the crowd, the escape mentality is meaningless to the future life direction, which may be a precursor to depression.

Melancholy often leads to various disturbing thoughts, because the body and mind are in conflict and cannot be calmed down.

Many people think that the healing of the mind should start from the mind, so they bought a pile of books to relieve their anxiety, seek relief, or escape by smoking and drinking, anesthetizing themselves, thinking that it is the exit of emotions, but the energy caused by the accumulation continuesIn your body organs becomes a hotbed of depression.

  The greatest energy of yoga comes from letting the body naturally control between movement and silence. The real strength comes from your own body. Yoga focuses on stopping your mind from thinking, entering a state of precipitation and rest, following the instructions of the body, and naturally in the body.During your breathing rhythm, slowly massage your internal organs and meridians to resolve the energy reflected in the body.

Experience happy emotions and remember good things from time to time.

  Your self-confidence comes from psychological integration. If you are under stress or sadness for a long time, you will lose your confidence completely.

Only with a healthy body can you have a confident mind.

Because the state of mind will definitely affect the state of the body.

If a person has been in a state of too much desire and dissatisfaction, it is actually a manifestation of self-confidence and uneasiness in his heart, and he wants to grab more external things to bring emptiness to the heart, and he will never be satisfied in the end.

The other kind of person is that his wife is too strong and persistent, and has a strong subjective consciousness. This is also because of lack of self-confidence, resulting in a mental state of arrogance or inferiority.

We can often find the above-mentioned traits on our friends around us, and even ourselves. At this time, there will be many problems in our lives, at work or emotionally, which will cause great stress and worry to ourselves or others.

  In fact, true self-confidence comes from the harmony of body and mind.

What yoga corrects is the integration of physiology. When you let go of all your troubles and let the body enter into the movements of yoga, the mind at this time does not have to be so tired to master every moment of right and wrong, so that every cell in the body starts to activate.Destroy the original body and body again, and slowly lead out of the inner unity, you will find a brand new self-confidence.