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The ten most exciting extreme sports

The ten most exciting extreme sports


“Sky Road” Rock Climbing in Yosemite National Park in California, a vertical rock wall called El Capitan, which is equivalent to three Eiffel Towers, is named “Sky Road”.

The 28-year-old biologist Jean-Baptiste Cruze once challenged the rock wall, saying: “This is not adventure, but self-enlightenment.

On this wall of 1000 meters high, everything in the world has a different meaning.


Take a paraglider to the desert lake with your paraglider and wakeboard, and go to Lake Dakhla in the south of Morocco, where the breeze is warm, the temperature is high, the water is sandy, and it is a paradise for paragliding.

44-year-old business owner Philip Serier said, “Lake Dakhla is surrounded by a long and narrow sandy peninsula and the Sahara Desert. You can play with dolphins in the lake during the day and admire the starry sky at night.


Man-made wind tunnel experience Flying the pilot training base in Argenteuil, France, has a 23-meter-high artificial wind tunnel with air currents of 200 to 260 kilometers per hour, which can lift people completely off the ground.

28-year-old archivist Valerie Vidal said: “There will be some tension at the beginning, but when you relax, you can fully enjoy flying.

I feel like I’m parachuting, but I don’t have to worry about parachuting.


“Big Blue Swing” Every September, the Madeleine Islands in Saint-Laurent Bay, Canada will have an antique rubber boat competition called “Blue Swing” at sea.

27-year-old teacher Manon Froger said: “The main purpose of the participants is not to compete and rank, but to enjoy the fascinating scenery of nature.


Exploring the world under the ice, Saint-Andre, located at 2410 meters above sea level, is located in Sejac, in the French Alps, in the middle of the winter. Every year, many under-ice diving enthusiasts are welcome here.

Each diver must submit a health certificate and be accompanied by an instructor.

29-year-old chef Cedric Grandan said, “Diving under the ice feels great, and the bubbles blocked by the ice are very cute, like crystal gems.


The Sahara Hiking Team departs from Douz, Tunisia. Each group of 8 to 10 people travels for several days, approximately 50 kilometers per day, accompanied by a local guide.

35-year-old information engineer Mark Kastman said, “The desert scenery can make you forget the hustle and bustle of the world.

Walking up the tall dunes, you will find that the sand is actually colorful.


Dog sledding Playing dog sledding in the Hosa Regional Park in Finland is a different kind of enjoyment. The terrain here is diverse, freezing and full of thrills and excitement.

Fabris Lebel, 31, head of management, said: “The truth is better than I thought.

Here you can not only enjoy the fun of skiing, but also experience the thrill of driving.


New York Marathon The New York Marathon attracts a large number of participants from all over the world every year.

The team departed from Staten Island at 10.30 in the morning and passed through the Verrazano Bridge, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Central Park.


亚马孙丛林冒险  在体验过丛林冒险的激情之后,35岁的市场主管弗雷德·埃斯塔西说:“亚马孙并不完全是一座‘绿色地狱’,只要听从当地向导的安排,你就能安然无恙.
Learning to identify plants is very important, and some plants can kill you in two seconds.

In general, the Amazon jungle is a place where people linger.


When exploring the underground world for the first time into the underground cave, 47-year-old female banker Silvina Vandrepo felt a bit of fear: “How deep underground did I go?

180 meters!

The abyss is right in front of my eyes.

The slope of the rocks is relatively gentle, but the cricket groundwater still worries me.In places that are too slippery, I can only crawl forward.