Update: 五月花II Moves From 神秘 to 新伦敦 For Sea Trials

Today, 五月花II, a replica of the ship that carried the Pilgrims to 普利茅斯, MA, was towed to 新伦敦, CT for two weeks of sea trials and final outfitting before returning to its homeport in 普利茅斯. In September of … 继续阅读

18世纪康涅狄格州的坟墓& 罗德岛 Ship’苏里南发现的船长

四轮船的坟墓’在南美洲北部海岸的前荷兰糖业殖民地苏里南发现了18世纪中叶的船长和商人。康涅狄格州米德尔敦的上尉迈克尔·伯纳姆上尉的坟墓;威廉·巴布特上尉… 继续阅读

少将桑德拉·斯托斯(Sandra Stosz),第一位领导军事学院的妇女

后将军Sandra Stosz has been named as the 40th Superintendent of the United States Coast Guard Academy in 新伦敦, Ct.  She is the first woman to lead one of the nation’的五个军事学院。新领导人… 继续阅读